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Developing your solutions

We can help you if you have an idea or a software project which you want realised. We enjoy developing non-trivial web-solutions, desktop applications, server/cloud solutions and more. We can help you analyse your requirements and needs, develop the product, testing and where needed also with installation in a server environment. Our software is developed in a meticulous and professional way using the SCRUM method providing continuous deliveries that fulfil more and more of your needs. Importantly these are deliveries that can be installed in production when you need it. This reduces your risks and is a key benefit where "Time to Market" and quality is crucial.

Web development

We can develop non-trivial web solutions for you by using traditional technologies like Microsoft.NET or JEE/Java. We also have experience with cutting-edge web technologies like Ruby On Rails or Lift. Ruby on Rails in particular can be an excellent way to test-drive a new idea, as this technology is about 3 times as fast in developing a solution compared to traditional technologies.


PC and Desktop products

We can develop desktop/server software for you, which can be installed on an ordinary PC. Here we most frequently work with technologies like Java, Microsoft.NET (C#) or C++ depending on the needs of the project.


Custom development?

If you have something outside category that you want developed then please ask. Often the situation is that the more special or difficult your problem is, the more interesting/fun it is for us. If we cannot help you ourselves, then we are happy to assist - for free - in finding the right company to help you.


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