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Consulting services

Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you with your software development needs. We use modern agile development using Scrum and TDD/BDD in J2EE, Microsoft .NET and the object-oriented languages Java, C#, C++, Ruby and Scala. We are quality focused in our work. We believe that proper execution of high quality work not only leads to satisfied customers but also faster end results at less cost. Contact us for CVs with detailed description of skills.

Software architect

Our software architects are all software development specialists with 10+ years of experience in architecting and leading development of complex software solutions for both the private and government sectors. Our unique specialty is creating highly testable solutions from requirements and architecture to code, resulting in lower total costs, higher quality and fewer delays towards the end of the project.


Senior software developer

Our developers can help you with most of your programming needs, like web applications, desktop applications, SOA solutions, etc. Our unique specialty is difficult tasks where the average programmer just wont cut it: E.g. heavily multithreaded code, model & meta-model driven GUI, using code generation techniques, writing (not merely using) a compiler, writing a search engine from scratch or producing solutions of extraordinarily high quality. Our preferred approach to development is agile processes based on scrum with a strong emphasis on software testing using TDD/BDD and automated test suites.


Technical test specialist

Our technical test specialists are developers that specialise in technical white-box testing, unit/integration tests, test automation, gui test automation, test/behavior-driven development, test driven outsourcing and ensuring the testability of the solution, etc. With a combination of software development experience, software testing skills and an ISTQB test certification our technical testers can solve the most difficult testing problems or bridge the gap between developers and traditional test professionals, so both can do their job effectively.



Team management

Our consultants are used to combining their technical skills with leadership roles. They often work as team-lead where our consultants provide guidance, instruction, direction and technical leadership to a development group, making sure the team is working effectively together towards a common goal.

Technical project management

We can also help you with the management of complex software R&D projects, especially the technical part that requires a strong combination of technical and management skills.

Help with outsourcing projects

We are experienced in facilitating outsourcing work to Eastern Europe, Germany, Portugal, India and South America. Our unique speciality is test-driven outsourcing, where we have good experience with developing overall automatic tests as part of the specification sent to developers. This reduces misunderstandings/bugs and eases the onshore work with quality insurance of deliveries, which can otherwise easily become a bottleneck when outsourcing.